so many interests, so little time

this page is for all of the stamps that make up... me! ^_^ hobbies, fandoms, animals, and so on!! big big big collection of silly little things that represent myself, not in any order! i just think these are such a fun mode of self expression! enjoy my big messy collage of stuff i love sooooo much!!

lesbian flag sniper with raised gun austin powers saltwater crocs trans flag rarity deuce sub zero nidorino pietro banjo kazooie cherries> benny pug red team venus symbols draft horses lily turkey vultures big mac cleo spy fangirl spyro falco bushmed kiss flamingos ganondorf sniper fangirl manny pegasus yes man halo rocky horror knack wesker meta knight ice climbers veronica pet rescued orcas abbey mario peach leatherface bulbasaur leon chainsaw jason phantom of the opera roy vector vanilla black panther kangaroo evil dead lugia loki pyramid head pinhead jimmy t dr pepper king dice koala espio gayle arbiter junk food donkey kong 64 kasumi mad men frozen lady lovely locks cards hit and run scarlet macaws animaniacs exclamation point vice city mailbox ty horace clarabelle marionette birdo