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i'm a big, sensitive crocodile that enjoys dry climates, taking naps, and playing around with web design! this is mostly a learning process and a form of self-expression... definitely far from perfect! but that's okay, so am i :-)

this will be my "hub" where i can keep track of everything i want to do. i'm also working on a few different dreamwidth blogs, though my medic x sniper dreamwidth account and bushmedicine fanfiction series are taking priority! if you're a fan of my work, thank you, i sincerely appreciate your support! i have a ko-fi if you'd like to leave me a tip, i'd be eternally grateful! for everything else i'm up to, working on and dreaming up, check out what i'm up to on my progress page!

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my status.cafe is posted below just for some bite-sized updates that i don't think warrant dedicating entire website spaces to. i'd love it if you left something on my guestbook, though! come say hi! keep scrolling to see what i'm up to and indulging in.


stuff i'm trying to make time for between all of my creative exploits! fandom isn't everything, after all. wish me luck!

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  1. Analysis: Resident Evil’s most unsettling theme isn’t zombies — it’s eugenics
  2. ✿ the hellbound heart (clive barker)
  3. The Art of Loving
  4. ✿ the femme mystique (lesléa newman)
  5. ✿ hail to the chin: further confessions of a b-movie actor (bruce campbell)
  6. Analysis: Like a Dragon: Ishin! can’t outrun the Yakuza series’ past

  1. a thorough look at resident evil
  2. ✿ outback truckers
  3. ✿ succession
  4. ✿ bluey
  5. ✿ the sopranos (always!)

  1. ✿ mortal kombat 1
  2. ✿ trucking simulator
  3. ✿ fallout new vegas (always!)
  4. ✿ fortnite
  5. ✿ dead by daylight
  6. ✿ resident evil 4 (2023): modded run
    • resident evil 4 (2023): separate ways
  7. resident evil 6 (co-op with bee)
  8. resident evil 4 (2005) - bee's ps5
    • resident evil 4: separate ways
  9. resident evil 5 (co-op with bee)
    • resident evil 5: lost in nightmares (co-op with bee)

  1. ✿ kalahari down (orville peck)
  2. ✿ resident evil 5 soundtrack
  3. ✿ fallout new vegas ambience
  4. ✿ blue collar man (styx)
  5. ✿ raging eyes (nick lowe)
  6. ✿ jack-a-lynn (jethro tull)

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these are people who i've had the pleasure of getting to know, and who have inspired me and encouraged my own creative endeavors! these site buttons were used with permission, and if you have a site button and you want me to add you (and we're friends!), just reach out and let me know, i'd love to have you up here! you're all so great! ilyasm!


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conversely, if you're feeling generous and would like to add me to your site, i'd be so honored! you can find my button right here. i'd appreciate it if you linked to my main page! and please let me know if you do, i'd totally love to see your site!